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FlowPing servers are limited to online gaming and navigation only. This means that you can not use them for:
1. Any malicious activity
2. Any other type of program
3. Downloading files
4. As a general proxy server (IRC for example)
5. You can not give your account details to anyone
6. It is forbidden to lend the account
7. It is possible to use on 2 computers, if it's not used simultaneously.
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2. If our service disconnects, we will not be responsible for possible losses within the online game.
3. Our service works well for internets above 1 MB. Do not use FlowPing if you have 3G internet, wireless, dial-up internet, radio, internet with problems of disconnects. Be aware that there may be problems with disconnects or lags and there will be no refund.


Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.


In no case will the account email be changed. We guarantee account recovery only through email.


1. No refund will be granted in case of abuse or breach of our terms of service and service usage policies.


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